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314 Bryan St. Boling TX 77420

Gracious Southern living at its finest!

Renting makes you house poor.

Renting your home is more costly than owning your home

Attention renters: If you think you can’t afford to own a home, think again. As rents increase, buying a home will cost you less than renting.

We have lenders with low down payment programs which can bring your down payment down to much less than 20%. Let’s talk. What could you do with an extra 12% of your paycheck in your pocket? Call or text me at 832-661-9989.

New Listing!

RVSpace (Custom)

KITg (Custom)

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KITk (Custom)

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BackPatio (Custom)

BACK (1) Flyer

DENa (Custom)

Wharton, Texas on 1.85 Acres

Million Dollar Heat Map

Here is the Million Dollar Heat map for Harris County. If your home is close to the hot spots, you may see better appreciation as the high priced homes pull the neighborhoods along. Zoom in to see the hot areas.

The weather is here!

The weather has turned for Valentine’s Day! My Valentine is happy.


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